De Groene Uilen is the largest student basketball club in Groningen and was established in 1957. Traditionally the club stands for sportsmanship, fun activities and a lot of companionship. The seven men's teams and the six ladies' teams play at nearly all possible levels, from the lowest regional division to the national promotion division.  



Coach and referee barbecue

  • News

A few weeks ago, we organised a barbecue to thank all of our coaches and referees. We enjoyed the delicious snacks and drinks in the backyard...

04 - 22 - 2018

  • The After Owl

The season is over. All games (except for two postponed games) have been played. We hope that all owls have had fun this year. Luckily we are...

4 - 20 - 2018

  • The Early Owl

There we are, the last game day of the season. All teams will be playing this weekend! Sadly only 3 teams will be playing at home, this means...

04 - 15 - 2018

  • The After Owl

The last Home Gameday of the season has ended. Just for Easter different things were organized by the board. Even the golden egg was hidden,...

04 - 08 - 2018

  • The After Owl

What a good day to play at home again. With the sun out in the beautiful Groningen the Owls almost were able to win all 3 games. Away from...

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